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Subject: simson & frey
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i have a simson & frey symphony violin copy of Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Anno 1694 #928. What is the value???????

Deborah Smith-Clemmo

RE: simson & frey
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I have a violin that my dad gave me. It was given to him when he was young by a friend of his family. Following, I will give you the information inside of it on the label.

Simson & Frey
Concert Violin
Copy of
"Antonius" Stradivarius
Creomonensis Anno 1714
Made in New York U.S.A. Anno

There is also a rather large crest to the left hand side of the information.

The bows are inlaid with pearl and it appears that all the original parts are with it. The case is violin shaped and is made of leather. There is a package with the E String inside of it from W.E. Hill & Sons, 140 New Bond Street., London, W.1. England. The package also has Telegrams "Stradivari, London", and Telephone "Mayfair 0474". I don't think that the string has any bearing on this instrument, but, if you could give me some information on this instrument, it would be very helpful.

Graham Welsh Host

RE: simson & frey
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Hello Deborah and Dave,
Here's what I've been able to find out for you so far.
The Roth family of violin makers from Markneukirchen, Germany had built up a sound reputation for making fine stringed instruments. They exported & sold many to America. In 1922, Heinrich was persuaded by his friends and customers to come to the United States, bringing his vast experience and reputation with him. He eventually was hired by the Simson and Frey violin department, where his experience and reputation was to grow world wide. In 1932, upon retirement of Herman Simson, Roth teamed with Max Scherl to buy the Simson and Frey firm. They renamed the firm Scherl and Roth. In 1938, the company moved from New York to Cleveland.
Hope you find this info helpful.
Graham Welsh
Owner and Host
Donations always gratefully received.

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