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British Violin Making Association MemberI was born in Edinburgh in 1958, moving to Ayrshire in 1972 to continue my education at Belmont Academy. A few years later I started work as a wood machinist in Prestwick. While I was there I developed a love of wood-crafting which was to stay with me.

Through my family's interest in music, more importantly playing classical stringed instruments, I gradually learned about the general set up and characteristics of the modern classical instrument. My passion for working with the violin had begun. Subsequently, In 1997, I decided to hone my woodworking skills and increase my knowledge by studying for an HNC in Stringed Instrument Technology at Anniesland College, Glasgow.

Since graduating, I have sought to meet as many violin players from all over the world, as well as collectors, restorers and people generally interested in the violin family. I enjoy and encourage the sharing of my knowledge and experiences, ensuring that future generations benefit from this. I have a hands on and a very open approach to repairing, restoring and setting up of instruments. I find this communicative aspect of my work very rewarding. I always guarantee a high quality of produce and service and hope to extend this friendly approach to everyone.

With over 24 years experience in the violin trade, I very much enjoy working with beginners, students and professional players alike. Please inquire about my new consultancy service, where I will now offer as a professional luthier, advice on any important purchase you are about to make.

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